Optimization of logistics processes can mean significant changes in all of the logistics chain, starting from manufacturers, suppliers to final users. Operative acceptance of goods, sorting and delivery management, warehouse functionality and functional process management are implemented nowadays by using good practices and modern technology solutions.

Experience and knowledge of the Wedev.lt team allows us to offer individual IT solutions for any logistics or warehousing business. We create and install personalized logistics or warehousing systems according to criterias provided by the customer, as well as company size, employee and order number and other factors. We train employees and constantly monitor that systems are working as expected and developed as required.

What is the benefit for business if warehouse management or other systems are implemented? Warehousing costs decrease, it’s convenient to follow up inventory (goods or loads) and process as well as employee work coordination is more effective.

Our offered solutions:

  • Unique logistics business management systems that have individual program and function types integrated.
  • Warehouse management systems.
  • Staff and their scheduling management systems.
  • Business management system integration with accounting or other necessary software.
  • Evaluation of current processes in your company and solutions on how to digitalize and automate everything.

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