Privacy policy

JSC Wedev cares for the security of your information. We follow the European Union General Data Protection Regulator (GDPR) as well as other laws that protect your information that is gathered and used by our company.

Our privacy policy:

  1. Cookie policy. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your device’s (for instance computer, mobile phone, tablet) browser when you visit websites. Other technologies, that includes data that we save on your internet browser or device as well as identification of your device and other software are used for similar reasons. Cookies are widely used to assure better working websites. All of the technologies mentioned in this policy are called “cookies”. You can familiarize yourself with a detailed list of cookies used on website by clicking this link. Cookies are a condition for using our website. If you deny cookies we can’t assure you how the website will work when you visit it. Please pay attention that you may not reach parts or functions of our website if you delete or turn off use of cookies in future. If you change cookie settings it will also affect other websites that you visit. More information on how to control cookies can be found on this link:
  2. Inquiries are sent by email. We manage queries that are sent by email. For this reason we have to collect, use and protect information about you. We collect this information: name, email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile, information provided in CV document and other information that is provided by yourself in messages. We collect this information lawfully because you have given consent by sending an inquiry.