Building maintenance

Smart building management and maintenance have already become an integral part of modern buildings. It is likely that in the near future, each new building will have a building management and maintenance system exclusively designed and adapted for it, which will extend the life of the building. develops software and mobile applications tailored for the maintenance of individual buildings.

Information systems for households allow for more efficient management and administration of the building and its engineering installations, and help to ensure that the entire infrastructure of the building is sustainable and energy efficient. Our experienced programmers can create personalized software to control the building, its thermal energy, electrical and other engineering systems. The software is usually controlled inside the building using special control panels or remote controls. It can also be controlled remotely by smart devices – mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

What are the benefits to a household of installing an automatic building management system or other selected system? Well-thought-out and structured management of the building management ensures lower energy consumption; time saving; all building equipment can be controlled remotely in a secure and efficient manner.

Our solutions:

  • Unique building management systems.
  • Integration of the building management system with customer-selected devices.
  • Mobile applications for household management.
  • Customer self-service portals for effective communication, submission of invoices and other documents.

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